Vitamin E-1000 Natural 100 Softgels

Vitamin E-1000 Natural 100 Softgels

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Vitamin E-1000 Natural 100 Softgels

Health Benefits of Vitamin E

• Powerful antioxidant
• 100% Natural Mixed Tocopherols
• Assists in the formation of red blood cells
• Supports healthy immune system function
• Promotes healing of burns
• Supports healthy skin and hair growth
• Support healthy eyes
• Important nutrient for healthy cardio function
• Helps the body make optimal use of vitamin A and iron
• Protects fatty acids in the body
• Prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol

Vitamin E promotes immune function and helps support cardiovascular health. Vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant that helps fight cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Studies have shown that oxidative stress caused by free radicals may contribute to the premature aging of cells.

Vitamin E was discovered about 80 years ago, but in the last twenty years it has been discovered to be a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E is fat soluble and poorly absorbed. It is stored in the fat tissues and the liver. Vitamin E offers numerous health benefits, particularly disease prevention because of its powerful antioxidant properties.

Vitamin E is a term for a group of related compounds called “tocopherols” and “tocotrienols”, which occur in four major forms: alpha, beta, delta, and gamma. Alpha tocopherol is the most common and most biologically active form of vitamin E. However, current research is indicating that different components in Vitamin E may be responsible for different actions. For example, scientists believe that alpha tocopherol inhibits production of free radicals and gamma tocopherol neutralizes existing free radicals. Since Vitamin E is a family of nutrients, it makes sense to take it in a form, which includes all the members of the tocopherol family, which would further support the health benefits of Vitamin E. Our Vitamin E with Mixed Tocopherols is 100% natural and contains all four members of the tocopherol family of compounds, making it more nutritionally complete.

A natural form of vitamin E is the most powerful and effective form of the antioxidant because it is the easiest form for your body to absorb. The Vitamin E used by our facility is derived from soybean oil and is significantly more potent than synthetic Vitamin E.

Serving Size 1 Capsule

Vitamin E 1,000 IU 3,333%
(as d-Alpha Tocopherol plus d-Beta,
d-Gamma and d-Delta Tocopherols)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Soybean Oil.

Does not contain: Gluten, Yeast, Wheat, Milk or Milk Derivatives, Lactose, Egg, Grapefruit, Fish, Sweetener, Sugar, Starch, Preservatives, Artificial Color, Artificial Flavor, sodium

For adults, take one (1) softgel daily, preferably with a meal.

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Vitamin E-1000 Natural 100 Softgels
Vitamin E-1000 Natural 100 Softgels
Manufactured by: Good Natural - Solgar