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Sport Nutrition Buy

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Sport Nutrition and minerals

Sport food and supplies during the course with suitable products that contain, for example, magnesium and other essential minerals. Strength athletes can, therefore, an increased need for protein and amino acids have, since the body during training in addition to carbohydrates and fat and muscle protein for energy use.

Order to avoid the derating or muscle degradation is, adds the power of his athletes daily diet with protein products to meet the increased demand. Before you begin, however, with the use of dietary supplements in sports nutrition, one should contact his doctor to exclude unnecessary risks or side effects.

In addition, you can also in a fitness store by an expert on quality, performance, price and any side effects can provide comprehensive and professional.

The supply of people with food in the form of food and beverages is the preservation of life. If the diet does not meet the requirements of the human organism, it is called miscarriage or malnutrition.

For the diet, it is interesting that the omission may have certain essential nutrients undesirable consequences. Fatty acids thus play an important role in the body and a deficiency may include testosterone levels influence negative. As energy from the fat body carbohydrates are preferred.

One can, however, the body switch to burning fat (see, eg, LowCarb diet). Protein is primarily handled by the body as a building material, and only in "emergencies" as a source of energy. That this is so, is seen in the breakdown of muscle mass in a poor diet.

Sports Nutrition for muscle

Many people associate the term sports nutrition protein powder or equal to doping or hazardous anabolic steroids and hormones. Many uninformed consumers believe in the taking of such sports nutrition muscle mountains How Is huge and uncontrollable force. The reality is of course different. For dietary supplements, it is commercial products that can complement the natural and normal food. No bodybuilder in the world only eats protein, protein and amino acids.

Rather, the specific products to support muscle building, strength building or fat loss are targeted to meet an increased demand by the training of essential micro-and macro-nutrients. In almost every sport, the athlete has an increased need for various nutrients. In a marathon runner it is for example important to meet the increased need for fluid, minerals and electrolytes. No one comes to the idea during a marathon now on foods with a high content

Minerals to eat. Suffered by the body during the run, for example, a lack of magnesium, it can cause severe cramps and thus to reduced performance or even come to demolition. Here, the marathon runner accesses nutritional supplements from the

Sports Nutrition Products Sports Nutrition addresses the special needs of athletes. Nutrition must ensure that the body enough building materials for the regeneration and muscle growth are provided. Especially during mass building Hard gainer have problems. Sports nutrition can accelerate the mass construction. Sports nutrition diets can support without

Muscle mass is lost. Nutrition can even enhance Pump (Nitrix CEM3 or KREA-Genic ™), (Cellbolic ™ eXtreme) brutal muscle growth, trigger or promote such as the secretion of growth hormone HGH Xplode. Protein everyone knows. Anabolic Whey has developed the highest biological value of all protein sources, full of important amino acids, protein micro-factions and peptides and to super suited to low-fat muscle mass. Anabolic Whey can mix easily, is easily digestible and available in fantastic flavors. - What are the banana can afford that? Sports Nutrition

Fat burning food with sports

There are many ways to burn fat, but probably the best and quickest way is thus a protein diet protein diet. This means increasing the supply of protein and lower carbohydrate intake. For example, we replace this his breakfast through a protein shake or protein shake. Particularly well suited for this purpose proteins such as protein 3K Company Body star. In connection with sports, endurance and fitness training or strength training can be here with regard to the optimal fat burning achievements earn from sports nutrition

Optimum Nutrition Sports Nutrition refers to a sports focused on the respective food and fluid intake. This should address both sports nutrition precaution to sporting loads to be adjusted, as will be ensured during the sporting burden. Men's Health shows you which foods and dietary supplements is best for sports nutrition

Sports Nutrition for your by training targets virtue of the right sports nutrition to achieve your goals in strength training more quickly. Support your regular strength training through a high-protein sports nutrition to your muscles with enough protein to be supplied to the muscle

Protein Nutrition

As with any sport is also build muscles the right sports nutrition is essential for successful training. A protein-enriched sports nutrition via the normal body needs also supports your training goals and drives your muscles move faster

Nutrition is one of the needs of the athlete-oriented diet. They service the construction and maintenance of performance and well-being. This applies to the elite level but also for the hobby and sport. A distinction in the

Sports nutrition between the base diet and nutrition before, during and after the race.

The base sports nutrition is nothing more than a healthy and balanced diet. It should be varied and wholesome stresses possible and contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. Lots of fruits and vegetables, grainy cereals, reduced-fat bread, sausage and cheese, fresh dairy products, lean meat, poultry and fish form the basis of a healthy diet and contain important nutrient and building material

Food For Sport

You have available for the game in almost every respect: You have trained hard with your teammates, inspiring speeches heard from your coach, washed the uniforms, and had turned up. . . but now what should we eat? Is this something that you have not given a lot of thought, you are not alone. Many athletes do not really know how to combine food and fitness to achieve their potential. Plus provide all the different products available, which allegedly make an athlete more, it can be quite confusing.

The Funky Food Pyramid Healthy

Fortunately, food for the sport is not as complicated and difficult one. In fact, it does not even require that you change your diet, or buy special foods or supplements! is one of the best ways to ensure you are in top shape, follow a healthy diet Pyramid. Sounds simple? It is. are By eating the recommended food groups in the amounts proposed, give your body the nutrients to be successful. If, under the Healthy Eating Pyramid, remember that some athletes may need more than the suggested daily servings of certain foods. Eating regular meals and healthy snacks are in top form.

The healthy food pyramid is an essential component of the diet for sport, because it contains a variety of nutrients. You will need the combination of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates ("carbs") and other nutrients from different foods at the top of your game. Therefore, it is not a good idea to take only one type of food when you are training for an event or a game. You may have heard of some athletes who swear by eating noodles just before a big event, but this is not the way to go and this is especially true if you are a growing teen. A younger body needs different kinds of foods to do well in sports, eat only from a part of the pyramid will only let you down.

Eating extra calories for Excellence

And while you are picking food out of the pyramid, it is very important that you eat enough. Most athletes need to consume all the calories they tend to them is power and strength, and the reduction of calories is not only slow, it can even be dangerous. For adolescents undergoing growth spurts above all, you need extra calories and nutrients, which translates to eat a balanced diet packed with calories. If someone - a coach, instructor, or another player says - that you will (or must) on a diet, talk with your doctor or health professional should go first. If your doctor determines that a diet is necessary, he or she can work with you, come with a program that meets your needs. Sometimes your doctor will have to get with a nutritionist work, the program would be.

We've got a lot of hype in the sports nutrition to perform well. It is very confusing to sort the hundreds of sports bars, gels, supplements, protein powders, amino acid powder, and other products out there. Your advertising packages and make many promises about the construction of athletes, their increasing power and strength, and make them healthy, but the real deal is that these products are simply not necessary.

If an athlete has made a drink mixed with a protein product, your body no idea that this is a sports supplement - they treated her like canvas, regular protein from food. In fact, most protein supplements your body does not provide more protein than a cup of milk or one serving of meat *, which usually taste better, anyway! In other words, these products do not offer you more energy that you get from normal foods from the food pyramid. And normal food is much cheaper, too - sports bars and other supplements can cause your pocket money and savings, as they tend to very expensive.
* There are 250 ml low-fat milk you 8 grams of protein, and 3 ounces of meat (such as a chicken leg) offers about 20 grams of weight.

Ditch Dehydration

Speaking of dehydration, do not forget that food is not the only key to your power. Water is just as important. If you are sweating heavily during exercise, the body loses water. It has become just too hot and not be able to exploit their full potential. can in hot or humid weather, heat stroke a real danger if you do not hold enough water body during exercise. The best way to stay hydrated is to drink before, during and after the training (or a game or an event). The amount you should drink as follows:

* 1-2 hours before exercise: 10 to 12 ounces of cold water (about 1 ¼ to 1 ½ cups)
* 10 to 15 minutes before exercising: 10 ounces cold water (about 1 ¼ cups)
* During exercise: 3-4 liters of water every 15 minutes (about ½ cup)
* After Sport: 2 cups water for every pound of weight loss through sweat (ie at least two for most young people, especially when it hot, you may need more).

to keep the main thing is to remember is hydrated, whether you drink or not to feel thirsty. Thirst is not a good indicator of what your body needs. In deciding what to take to quench your thirst, the best drink is pure water - it's easy to find, and it's free! If you like sports drinks, as they are OK, especially if you have the taste and drink more than you regularly water. You can add some flavor to plain water, by mixing a dash of juice or a sports drink with water. Be sure to avoid, just to juice or soda, as they contain many carbohydrates, you could hurt a stomach while you compete. In addition, the caffeine in colas actually dry out more, in which the purpose of drinking water in primary defeats.

Edible Energy

When match day finally rolls around, the most energy in your body from the food you have eaten in the last few weeks to come, but you can increase your performance even more attention to the foods you eat that day. Foods that contain carbohydrates for outstanding performance ideal for energy, a small to moderate amount of protein and little fat.

Food, one to eat up two hours before the game or event: fruit or vegetable into juice or fruit (eg papaya, melon, banana or apple)

Food, eat 2-3 hours before the event: the same as food, up, pau with bread, rolls, or a sandwich (hold the fat, so your food is to digest before the competition.)

Food to eat three or more hours before the game or event, you can have a meal of rice / pasta with lean meat, fish, poultry or tofu.

It is a good practice to avoid anything to eat for the hour before the competition because you do not want to spill food in the stomach, you can leave by the end of nausea and vomiting. It is also best, chocolate bars or soft drinks before your event to avoid these types of foods to give you quick energy, but it will not last so that with an energy only slightly, if you can do it.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks do not hydrate better than water, but they are more likely to drink larger quantities, which leads to better hydration. The typical sweet-tart taste combination does not delete thirst, so you always drink a sports drink long after water has lost its attractiveness. An attractive range of colors and flavors are available. You can receive a grant of carbohydrate sports drinks, in addition to electrolytes which may be out of the sweat lost, but these drinks tend to have lower calories than juice or soft drinks.


Juice may be nutritious, but it is not the best choice for hydration. The fructose or fruit sugar, reduces the water absorption, so that the cells are not hydrated very quickly. Juice is a food in its own right and it is for a person to drink sufficient quantities of unusual, keep hydrated. Juice has carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, but it's not a great thirst quencher.

Carbonated soft drinks

If you right up there, the colas and uncolas the world are not good for the body. The acids used to carbonate and flavor these beverages will damage your teeth and even weaken the bones. Soft drinks are a real food without content. Still, they taste great! You are more likely to drink what you want, so if you love soft drinks then might be a good way to balance their fluid balance. The carbohydrates will slow your absorption of water, but it also offers a quick energy boost. In the long run, they are not good for you, but if hydration is your goal, soft drinks are not a bad choice. Avoid drinks with lots of sugar and caffeine, which will reduce the speed or the degree of hydration.

Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea can sabotage hydration. Both drinks act as diuretics, which means more water because your kidneys from your bloodstream even as the digestive system draws water to take in the body. It is a two-step-forward-one-step-back scenario. If you add milk or sugar, then reduce the water absorption even further. The bottom line? Save the latte for later.

Alcoholic beverages

A beer would be great after the game, how long were the spectators, not the athletes. Alcohol dehydrates the body. Alcoholic beverages are better for hydration than, say, sea water, but that's it.

Conclusion: Tinker to water for maximum hydration, but feel free to make things a little mix your personal taste. They drink more of what you want. In the end, the amount of liquid the biggest factor for getting and keep hydrated