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Kudzu 500 mg - 120 Tablets
Kudzu Extract 500 mg 60 Capsules Health Benefits of Kudzu• Anti-Alcohol Support• Used traditionally in Chinese herbalism to safely treat the abuse of alcohol• Naturally contains isoflavonoids and saponins that provide anti-alcohol support• Helps to control and suppress the appetite for alcohol• support balanced blood sugar• Promotes brain and nervous system health• Naturally contains isoflavonoids and saponins that provide anti-alcohol support• Liver TonicKudzu Recovery features the roots and flowers of kudzu (Pueraria lobata), w...

MSRP: 79.90
Retail Price: 25.90

Hair, Skin, Nails - One Per Day - 60 softgels
Hair, Skin, Nails Formula - One Per Day - 60 softgels • Skin, Hair, Nails Formula• With 28 Key Ingredients Including Folic Acid and High Potency Biotin.Skin, Hair and Nails Formula provides a combination of nutrients consistently found in healthy skin, hair and nails. This unique, multi-dimensional formula contains a complex of powerful nutrients, including antioxidants, which promote healthy skin, hair and nails in one simple, cost-effective supplement....

MSRP: 59.50
Retail Price: 29.90

Super HGH - Growth Hormone Oral Spray 60ml
Vita Mass® HOMEOPATHIC SUPER HGH ORAL SPRAY  (60ML) Introducing Vita Mass® Super HGH Multipotency fast acting oral spray an extraordinary and revolutionary homeopathic formula. This unique homeopathic HGH is in multiple potencies which covers various areas of the body. For relief of symptoms associated with poor aging, muscle, tone, weight gain, wrinkles, lack of energy. This formula also promotes tissue repair, supports a depressed immune system in combating infection and much more. Features and Benefits: Promotes Positive Aging Burns Fat And Build Muscl...

MSRP: 69.00
Retail Price: 35.90

Collagen 1500 - 120 Capsules
Supports skin, joint and tissue health • Improves hair and nail follicles• Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Relief, Joint Health• Reduces the signs of ageing by maintaining the skin’s elasticity• Improves mobility in conditions such as arthritis and joint pain• Preserves, builds and replenishes lean muscle massCollagen is a type of protein. Fibrous in nature, it connects and supports other bodily tissues, such as skin, bone, tendons, muscles, and cartilage. It also supports the internal organs and is even present in teeth. There are more than 25 types ...

MSRP: 59.50
Retail Price: 35.90

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