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Colostrum 650 mg 60 Capsules

Colostrum 650 mg 60 Capsules

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Colostrum 650 mg 60 Capsules

Health Benefits of Colostrum

• Supports Healthy Immune Function
• Rich in Immunoglobulins and Lactoferrin
• Nature's First Immune Defense
• Naturally Rich in Immune and Growth Factors
• Helps Strengthen Immune Response
• Supports GI Tract Health
• Supports Recovery & Muscle Growth
• Better than Whey Protein for Power and Performance
• Colostrum Supplement
• Growth Factors
• Immune Factors
• including immunoglobulins

Colostrum - Mother Nature’s perfect first food! Colostrum is a rich balance of vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds lactated by the mother cow before milk is produced. Colostrum contains an abundance of compounds including immunoglobulins. Our Colostrum is true bovine colostrum standardized so that certain

Colostrum is a unique food supplement, rich in a variety of biologically active proteins. It is the first "milk" given to a newborn calf by its mother, and contains many bioactive compounds not present in ordinary milk. Colostrum is normally secreted only in the first 48 to 72 hours after birth. Source Naturals Colostrum is true, bovine colostrum (not cheese whey), collected within the first 12 hours of production. It is then standardized, so that the key proteins found in colostrum make up 30% of the finished product.

The evidence for colostrum points to its ability to support a healthy immune system by providing immunoglobulins – protein-containing molecules that are produced in response to invading pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and parasites) into a healthy host. Immunoglobulins are basically antibodies that bind to and activate various immune-stimulating cells to fight infection.

Colostrum may also have a positive effect on GI health by fighting disease-causing organisms in the intestines and bowel. Colostrum works by blocking the ability of pathogens to bind to the GI tract, thus making it impossible for the pathogen to multiply and cause infection.
key proteins found in colostrum

Fight back with Colostrum Plus! Nature gave you a strong immune defense network, but that system gets depleted as you age. Normal physical and mental stress can also wear down your defenses. Colostrum is the only supplement you can take to add back antibodies and immune factors. Colostrum Plus helps you maintain a strong immune system with dual action support in the bloodstream and also in the GI tract. It helps maintain a robust intestinal lining and promote healthy intestinal flora.

Colostrum Plus supports muscle growth. Colostrum provides over 100 beneficial components including several growth factors and cytokine precursors that you can't get from any other supplement to enhance stamina and support normal re-growth of lean muscle and tissue.

Clinical studies show wide ranging health benefits for Colostrum including a significant increase in lean body mass and increases in anaerobic power, performance time, and sprint performance when compared to whey. Clinical studies also demonstrate the superiority of the ingredient in Symbiotic's Colostrum Plus over other Colostrum sources.

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Serving Size 1 Capsule
Colostrum 650 mg
Standardized to contain 185 mg
naturally occurring
immunoglobulins (proteins)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Vegetable Cellulose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Silica.

Contains milk and soy ingredients.

Does not contain: Gluten,  Yeast,  Wheat,  Egg, Corn, No Grapefruit,  Fish, Sweetener,  Sugar,  Starch, Preservatives,  Artificial Color, Artificial Flavor,  Sodium.


For adults, take one (1) capsule daily on an empty stomach.

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Colostrum 650 mg 60 Capsules
Colostrum 650 mg 60 Capsules
Manufactured by: Good Natural - Solgar