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DHEA 50 mg - 300 Capsules

DHEA 50 mg - 300 Capsules

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Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is produced naturally by the adrenal glands and supports immune function and a healthy mood. DHEA and Resveratrol function as buffers to help counteract effects of environmental stress. has added Resveratrol, a nutrient found similarly in the skin of grapes and as a component of red wine, to help support vitality as you age.

The research studies also document that DHEA supplements can improve mental status, preserve muscle mass, improve athletic performance, has documented positive effects on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, improves libido, improves glucose and utilizaciónde metabolism, reducide fat, increases energy, attacks against the effects of stress and cortisol production, enhances immune response to disease, has a documented positive effect in reducing the growth of tumor / cancer, and has many positive effects in heart disease.

Another major benefit of DHEA is its ability to help the body burn calories for energy rather than stored as fat in the body. DHEA blocks an enzyme called G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) that is not only essential for the production of fatty tissue, but it also promotes the growth of cancer cells.

DHEA Benefits:

* DHEA Promotes Healthy Mood and Immune Function
* Resveratrol Supports Vitality as You Age
* Anti-aging and longevity
* Increases energy and vigor
* Enhances libido and improves
* Cardiovascular health, improves the function of blood vessels
* Improves insulin sensitivity
* Strengthens the immune system
* Bone health, helps restore bone loss
* Support for women with lupus
* Help the pituitary gland to secrete a variety of pituitary glands
* Improves mental function in patients with advanced HIV infection

According to the results of a placebo-controlled, randomized trial, published in the February, 2005 from the archives of general psychiatry, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) was found to be effective for minor and major depression in adults (age 40). Research conducted at the National Institutes of Mental Health found that DHEA supplementation reduced depression in half of men and women taking it for a six-week study. (Barclay, L. MD, Medscape Med News, 2005.

Now there is new evidence. Enero.24, 2006 according to the results of a report of a randomized trial in January American Journal of Psychiatry, Dehidroepiandrosteronae (DHEA) is an effective therapy for the treatment of major depression in patients with HIV / AIDS ,

DHEA is a weak adrenal androgen asset that serves as a precursor to testosterone and estradiol, are hormones that can have a positive effect on mood when administered externamanete. In addition, the current study the authors report that DHEA increases the amount of available insulin like growth factor, which in turn can increase levels of growth hormone. The deficiency of growth hormone has also been linked to depressed mood. Finally, DHEA may modulate inflammatory cytokines, such as the factor of tumor necrosis, which can be associated with depressed mood.

Declines in levels of DHEA may also be important in the progression of AIDS among HIV-infected patients. In the current study, researchers compared DHEA with placebo in the treatment of mild depression among a number of patients with HIV. The National Institutes of Mental Health supported this study.

Active Ingredients: DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)

Some researchers have found that taking antioxidants with DHEA provides better results. DHEA circulates in the body primarily in its soluble form in water: DHEA sulfate (DHEA-s) that can be measured easily by the saliva test.

Aside from its role as a precursor to sex hormones, DHEA is the opposite relationship with the production of corticosteroid hormones that are produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress.

However, stress is a key factor in the decline of DHEA beginning apartir of 30 years of age, and is accompanied by an increased susceptibility to disease, which goes hand in hand with the acceleration of aging.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 300
DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) 50 mg *

Other Ingredients: Modified cellulose gum, gelatin, vegetable stearic acid and vegetable magnesium stearate.

Not contain: Milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, crustacean shellfish, fish, soy, gluten, titanium dioxide.

Adults, take one (1) capsule daily

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DHEA 50 mg - 300 Capsules
DHEA 50 mg - 300 Capsules
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