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The term anti-aging, including age inhibition is a term for actions that are intended to delay the biological aging of men, the quality of life in old age as long as possible to receive the highest quality and to prolong the life as a whole. This term is used in medicine, by nutritionists, the

Dietary supplement industry, manufacturers of cosmetics and also in part related to cosmetic surgery. Anti-Aging is a popular marketing term.

Anti Aging and Gerontology / Senescence

If we did not age the way we do it at the time, we would in the opinion of D. Pearson / S. Shaw live an average of about 800 years, in the opinion of RM Ness / GC Williams about 690 years. Our lifespan would be limited only by accidents, third-or suicide and disease. The average life expectancy (LE) has indeed increased significantly in recent times in countries of the world first, the maximum attainable age may be against a very long time to remain constant at about 120 years (up to 122 years), that is not in sight, that this value can be influenced in the future by anti-aging measures, it is because he is apparently determined genetically.

Scientists Senescence believe that the process of physical aging is caused by several factors simultaneously, which can only affect a few reasons. Differences are in principle
a) program theories, genetic causes
b) aging by lifestyle and environmental factors
c) Biochemical aging / wear theories
d) Hormonal Aging

Anti Aging Research

The researchers go on the current state of knowledge assumes that people can ideally be around 120 years old. Well known, very few actually reach that age. One goal of the research is to explore the conditions that promote the achievement of a very high age. Since 1976, there is therefore investigations of the National Institutes of Health of the U.S. and the Japanese Ministry of Health on the island of Okinawa, live on the average number of people who are at least 100 years old, around 600 at a total of 1.3 million inhabitants. Okinawa is the poorest prefecture in Japan, people live mainly from fishing.

Relatively large number of very elderly are also living in Sardinia and in Nova Scotia. In Mediterranean countries the rate of lifestyle diseases is lower than elsewhere in Central Europe. To this day, also holds the rumor that the people of the Hunza is particularly durable. This assumption has been scientifically disproved this theory, it is likely to come through pure estimate based on the appearance of older people of this ethnic group.

Anti-aging studies

The evidence of actual life extension is to run hard. You need to compare large groups that are randomized prospective double-blind and best treated with different substances. After about 50-10 years if we compare the mortality.

Although the market for anti-aging remedy, particularly hormones, vitamins and trace elements is growing, according to these strict criteria could not ensure the effectiveness. In the prevention of heart attacks such as the so-called antioxidant vitamins E and C were not effective in large studies such as the British Heart Protection Study. On the other hand showed fol ate, a vitamin B group, in several studies a beneficial effect against cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke

Anti-aging hormone melatonin

The anti-aging hormones is the [melatonin], which is produced in the [pineal] and controls the human sleep-wake rhythm. The body's own production can be under the age, which can lead among others to [sleep disorder] s. The hypothesis that melatonin could show an anti-aging effect in humans go back to the researchers at a Swiss Maestroni and Pierpaoli, on the other hand, U.S. researchers Russell J. Reiter. In the studies by Pierpaoli and Maestroni in rats after serious technical defects were discovered.

In the U.S., melatonin supplements are considered "miracle cure" and are freely available in stores

Anti-aging hormone DHEA

Dhea controls the production of sex hormones in men and women. The concentration of DHEA in the body decreases dramatically in old age. Anti-Aging Medical postulate that ingestion of the substance have a positive effect on muscle mass, the skin was firmer and the memory was improving. Also on the positive effect of DHEA substitution, there is no reliable scientific studies. There are indications of potential advantage of [cancer] s, but this is disputed by others,''among others, the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine''(GSAAM).

DHEA as a single agent in Germany is not yet approved, but is in preparations for the treatment of women in the [menopause] s included. The GSAAM stresses on its website:''In the pharmaceutical inspection reports from the Federal Office for pharmacological safety not only side effect has been reported, neither in the cancer still in the metabolic or cardiac area.

Anti-aging growth hormone

Growth hormones since the 1990 published study by Rudman et al. (Cite journal | author = Rudman, D. et al. | Title = Effects of human growth hormones on men over 60 years old | journal = New England Journal of Medicine | year = 1990 | pages = 1-6 | issue = 323) growth hormone HGH is a particularly effective anti-aging remedy. The supporters advertise with statements such as fat loss, skin generation, prevention of [diabetes mellitus], improvement of the [metabolic] s and even delayed aging. The formation of growth hormones can in the course of life after continuously.

Critics warn, however, against incalculable risks. The researchers on aging Christoph Bamberger points out that animal experiments have shown that the administration of growth hormone promotes cancer because the substance is generally all the cells to stimulate growth, including possibly existing "sleeping" cancer cells.

Anti-Aging & Beauty

Visible external signs of aging is the aging of the skin, the 25th from about the Year begins and at some point, especially in the form of visible wrinkles.

The term anti-aging is not protected by law, can therefore be used as desired.

Anti-Aging Tips

* Drink alcohol in moderation
* High Tech Anti-Aging
* Protect yourself from excessive sun
* Provide smoking on
* Anti-oxidants such as vitamins and anti aging products
* Move
* Do you sleep well and sufficiently


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