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What is DHEA HGH?:

The production is at the age of 25 years at the highest, and then falls steadily to about 5% of the maximum of 85 years. For other steroids is not the case. The first precise determination of DHEA production Beach Life, Skiing, Lastminute was of age in 1958 by Max-Fernand Jaylen, a biochemist at the University of Paris. Women produce more DHEA than men.

The exact biological role is currently more or less understood. Because of its precursor role inter alia for sex hormones DHEA was the role of a buffer hormone attributed Which die availability of other steroids influenced. The addition of DHEA in animal and human experiments showed, however, to include effects of aging, cancer and viral infections.

DHEA has long been known to boost immune function. It is of crucial importance for the development of certain mature immune cells and enhanced antibody production. A new study has found that the number of cells secreting interferon-gamma correlated with serum DHEA levels in men, and that the activity of these cells was associated with DHEA in pre-menopausal women. Thus, DHEA appears to be involved in the modulation of cytokine production. The same is true for one of its metabolites, androstenediol, which has been shown to protect bone marrow function and resistance to infection following exposure to radiation in rodents even more effective than DHEA. Androstenediol was also shown to protect against lethal infection with influenza A virus. Since infection produces an increase in cortisol, which in turn suppresses the immune system, it would be logical to try, this counter regulate immunosuppression with antiglucocorticoid as DHEA.

DHEA and cancer:

Between 1972 and 1997, more than 4,000 publications have been published worldwide to DHEA, to 1991, many studies have demonstrated the positive effect against various types of cancer, atherosclerosis, weight reduction and prolonged life span in animals. From 1994, the effect was mainly investigated in humans and found similar results so far.

In the U.S. and other countries already DHEA is marketed widely and sometimes described as a miracle cure. It is slipping out of the mostly very positive recent publications that DHEA-GABEN die Simmung improve, increase sexual activity and readiness to counteract stress hormones, muscle condition to maintain, strengthen the immune system and reduce cancer and heart disease risk. Even against AIDS, osteoporosis and Alzheimer DHEA should be effective.

DHEA should also be closely linked, brain neurons to protect them from age-related degenerative processes such as Alzheimer's. Not only that such degenerative processes occur most frequently when the DHEA levels are lowest, but the concentration of DHEA in the brain is much higher than in blood. Dr. E. Roberts is a specialist in this field of research. He found that small amounts of DHEA are sufficient to increase the number of nerve cells, increasing the number of their contacts with others and their differentiation in culture has its anzuregen.DHEA results show improved long-term memory of trained mice. DHEA may play a similar role in the human brain.

One of the major publications is from Mohammed Kalimi and William Regelson 1990: "The biological role of DHEA, present in about 24 chapters in scientists from around the world the results of perhaps the most important neurotransmitter DHEA. This is impressive. In the preface the editor can read:

"DHEA affects diabetes, cancer, tumor formation, skin texture, fatigue, depression, memory and immune responses. This latitude range of clinical application, it is surprising why more books have been on DHEA attachments!"

Early studies from England [Bulbrook, 1962.1971] showed that DHEA appeared in abnormally low concentrations in women who die Had breast cancer, even up to nine years before the disease was diagnosed. From 5000 women in the study developed breast cancer 27. Had most of the 27 extremely low DHEA levels. If promoting a low DHEA level breast cancer, the reverse is also permissible?
The human growth hormone is a peptide (protein), which is in the pituitary gland (hypophysis) is formed in each healthy individual and secreted into the blood to reach all the cells of the body thus. The outstanding effect of growth hormone in children is the stimulation of body growth. Moreover, it also stimulates the protein, fat and bone metabolism in order to allow the growth of the organism through the provision of energy and basic materials. Not enough growth hormone available or lacking altogether, children remain stunted as adults only and reach heights up to 140 cm. On completion of the expansion, it is the metabolism of man is the most important "constructive" (anabolic) hormones for muscle, connective tissue and bone. Its importance as a "degrading" hormone in fat metabolism is in the favorable influence of lipids in the blood with a reduction of Artherioskleroserisikos. Drugs with the drug growth hormone (hGH) are among the world's ethical drugs, ie the drugs whose effectiveness is proven and for which there is no substitute.

DHEA and tumors Information:

Dr. A. Schwartz of Temple University, USA found that additions of DHEA in cell cultures from the toxicity of carcinogenic carcinogenic factors) retained. Typically, cell cultures to respond clearly to DNA mutations, alterations of cell appearance and a High mortality. In DHEA-GABEN all these effects were reduced significantly. In mice treated with carcinogenic agents were those who received no DHEA breast cancer. In other studies a reduction of the tumor rate was observed up to 80%. [Schwartz, 1981, 1984] The DHEA-known researcher W. Regelsen stated: "Always when DHEA was tested in a model environment for the development of cancer and tumor-inducing, DHEA had preventive effects."

Although DHEA is currently tested in human tumors, we do not yet know whether the effects in humans are similar.

This must be said that mice and rats were used as test objects for a long time before the investigations in humans. The results so far were mostly similar or identical