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7-Keto (7Keto) dehydroepiandrosterone
7-Keto (7Keto)-DHEA (also known as 7-Keto (7Keto), 7-Keto (7Keto) dehydroepiandrosterone, or 7-oxodehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid produced by metabolism of the prohormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Among DHEA's many metabolites, one has attracted significant attention for its unique ability to lower cholesterol, burn fat, and improve the immune system. 7-Keto (7Keto) is not directly converted to testosterone or estrogen, and has thus been investigated as a potentially more useful relative of DHEA, 7-Keto (7Keto) is often used as the acetate ester prodrug 7-Keto (7Keto)-DHEA acetate, While in vitro and animal studies have suggested potential uses for 7-Keto (7Keto) in humans, there is currently insufficient scientific evidence to support its use as a weight loss aid, muscle builder, immune stimulant, or for any other clinical use. Nevertheless, 7-Keto (7Keto) is marketed as a dietary supplement with the implication that it may accelerate weight loss, increase metabolism, enhance memory, or prevent age related changes. When used in a topical product 7-Keto (7Keto) caused long-lasting changes in the body's levels of testosterone, epitestosterone, estradiol, and other steroid hormones. Researchers have raised concern that supplements may trigger positive tests for performance-enhancing drugs
7-Keto (7Keto) weight loss
7-Keto (7Keto) demonstrates documented thermogenic activity in rats. This is accomplished through the activation of three thermogenic enzymes: Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase, Malic Enzyme and Fatty Acyl CoA Oxidase. In keeping with the biological definition of thermogenesis, all three of these enzyme activations drive energy-producing substrates in a direction of less efficient ATP production relative to heat production, Proponents say 7-keto (7Keto) DHEA promotes weight loss by speeding metabolism, the rate at which the body burns fat. The enzymes also promote the utilization of fat stores for energy and heat production. This is the basis for 7-Keto (7Keto)’s ability to enhance thermogenesis and, through that mechanism, accelerate the utilization of fat stores for energy. Dr. Oz recently endorsed 7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA as the supplement for weight loss because it is specifically geared towards boosting your metabolism naturally, 7-Keto (7Keto) achieves this thermogenic effect without cardiovascular or central nervous system side effects, which are commonly seen with stimulant-associated thermogenic agents. 7-Keto (7Keto) demonstrated an ability to increase RMR by 1.4% above baseline levels and demonstrated a 5.4% increase in daily RMR when administered with a calorie-restricted diet, A 2007 study demonstrated that administration of 7-Keto (7Keto) to overweight adults in conjunction with a calorie-restricted diet effectively reverses the decline in resting metabolic rate (RMR) normally associated with dieting. 
7-Keto (7Keto) Increased metabolism
This means the body's metabolic rate is accelerated, generating heat and energy that consumes calories and burns fat. 7-Keto (7Keto) accomplishes this by boosting the levels of three liver enzymes that stimulate fatty acid oxidation, 7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA is the hormone that helps keep the body young by enhancing memory, increasing metabolism, accelerating fat burning mechanisms, 7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA is the answer to boosting metabolism naturally, which will help the body lose weight as a result. Low metabolism means more fat, high metabolism means more muscle, Supplementing with 7-Keto (7Keto) is clinically proven to restore your youthful metabolism and help you lose three times more weight than diet and exercise alone, 7-Keto (7Keto) High metabolism allows food to be converted through the body more quickly, provides more energy, prevents weight gain, allows faster workout, studies have shown that once a person reaches the age of 30 and over, 7-Keto (7Keto) the natural resting-metabolic rate decreases and body fat increases, When the body’s metabolic rate decreases 7-Keto (7Keto), the body cannot keep up with the amount of sugars.
7-Keto (7Keto) History
It was first discovered in 1958, when it was found in urine. To search for possible metabolites of DHEA that might have greater biological activity, greater specificity, and fewer propensities to form sex hormones, Dr. Lardy initiated a program assaying the derivatives of DHEA. The activity of 150 of these metabolites was monitored by measuring the induction of two thermogenic enzymes, mitochondrial glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and cytosolic malic enzyme, 7-oxodehydroepiandrosterone (7-oxo DHEA and more commonly known as the brand name 7-Keto (7Keto)) The results of this landmark study were published in the journal Steroids in 1998 and revealed that many of these steroids did not induce the activity of these thermogenic enzymes, whereas the 7-Keto (7 Keto) metabolite did. In fact, 7-Keto (7Keto) was 2.5 times more active than DHEA at inducing the activity of these thermogenic enzymes, 7-Keto (7Keto) is a ingredient found in several different over the counter diet pill products. In later work by Marenich, it was discovered that the urinary excretion of 7-Keto (7Keto) declines with age in a similar manner to its parent compound, DHEA, 7-Keto (7Keto) is made from pharmaceutical grade DHEA. DHEA is produced when diosgenin is extracted from wild yam, Based on these discovered advantages, the 7-Keto (7 Keto) metabolite was chosen for further study as a weight loss ingredient.
7-Keto (7Keto) Stronger Immune System
Although the aging process affects all of the segments of the immune system, investigators have identified abnormalities in the cellular or T-cell mediated immune function in the elderly. Aging is associated with a decline in immune system response, with often-dramatic reductions in immune function.  The decline in T-cell immune function is associated with an increased susceptibility to infections, Medical Sciences in Beijing confirms the immune-boosting properties of 7-Keto (7Keto). For example, individuals with age-related declines in cellular immunity have an impaired response to influenza vaccine, making them more susceptible to getting the “flu” even though they have had their flu shot, 7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA has also been linked to improving immune function, 7-Keto (7Keto) provides excellent support of the immune system, thyroid, healthy memory In a clinical study presented at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology meeting in April 2004, the effect of 7-Keto (7Keto) was evaluated in regard to its effect on elderly immune function.
7-Keto (7Keto) Effects on Aging
7-Keto (7Keto) naturally declines with age. The levels of 7-Keto (7Keto) rise until age 20. By 30, blood concentrations begin to decline, reducing by up to 50 percent at age 50. Decreases in DHEA and 7-Keto (7Keto) can lead to dominance of the stress hormone cortisol, which can contribute to aging, commercial DHEA is further converted to 7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA form which takes more time for it to be effective, 7-Keto (7Keto) speeds up the body’s metabolism and helps in removing excessive fat in a safer way, 7-Keto (7Keto) is also a very healthy product that helps in keeping the body healthy and aids in the body’s repair processes in people with certain diseases, Most of what is known about the biological effects of 7-Keto (7Keto)-DHEA comes from the work of researchers at the University of Wisconsin, led by Henry A. Lardy. Lardy is also a principal in a supplement company,  7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA to be significantly beneficial for increasing the rate at which the body converts stored fat into energy. 7-keto (7Keto) lotions nourish the skin to maintain healthy tone and suppleness. 7-Keto (7Keto) also prevents the deterioration of skin tissues that goes along with ageing, which leads to wrinkles and fine lines (7Keto).
Health Benefits of 7-Keto
7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA is understood to boost your metabolism, which in turn can yield many positive benefits for the human body. 7-Keto (7Keto) is the most powerful, effective supplement to lose weight and naturally boost your metabolism, 7-Keto (7Keto) is not a nutrition plan, but rather a much needed metabolite that helps the human body stay young and active.
7-keto speeds up the body’s metabolism.
7-keto is capable of boosting the immune system.
7-keto aids in alleviating stress.
7-keto DHEA is a very effective weight loss aid.
7-keto DHEA is a natural immune booster.
7-keto supplements aids in speeding up metabolism. 
7-keto helps in building leaner and stronger muscle mass
7-keto DHEA assists in alleviating stress and depression.
7-keto promotes healthy weight management.
7-keto 7-Keto optimizes physical performance and libido.
7-keto Helps activate 3 thermogenic enzymes.
Difference between 7-Keto DHEA
There are also many weight loss products on the market that contain DHEA, it is important to realize there is a difference between 7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA and DHEA. The main difference being that 7-Keto (7Keto) does not convert to estrogen and testosterone like DHEA does, 7-Keto (7Keto) tend to follow the same course over time as those of DHEA, 7-Keto (7Keto), which is a byproduct of the DHEA hormone that is naturally produced in the body, Is 7-Keto (7Keto) related to the hormone DHEA, What is the difference between 7-Keto (7Keto) and DHEA, The sulfated form of 7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA is more stable in plasma, 7-Keto (7Keto) is a natural metabolite that is produced in the body from DHEA. Research scientists at the University of Wisconsin isolated the 7-oxo metabolite of DHEA and developed a method to produce it, The primary difference is that 7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA does not convert to estrogen and testosterone like DHEA does, 7-Keto (7Keto) DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA, Like DHEA, the levels of 7-Keto (7Keto) decline with age. 7-Keto (7Keto) is chemically distinct from DHEA and they are two completely different chemical entities, After 7-Keto is derived from DHEA, it cannot convert back to DHEA in the body. The chief difference between 7-Keto (7Keto) and DHEA is that 7-Keto (7Keto) cannot convert to other steroid hormones in the body.
7-Keto (7Keto) Reference
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