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Organo Germanium 100 mg - 100 Tabl

Organo Germanium 100 mg - 100 Tabl

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Allergy Research Group  (Nutricology) Germanium Organic


Allergy Research Group germanium (Nutricology) Organic (Ge-132 ™)

Organic Germanium has cancer, AIDS, weakened immune system, lack of oxygen in the blood cells - associated. And yet, hardly anyone knows of germanium in Germany, some people may even know that there is an element or find the germanium as a semiconductor used in microelectronics. But almost nobody knows about it, that organic germanium has been used for over 30 years for the treatment of various diseases - research that have special attention. cure cancer and AIDS clinics in the U.S., patients with organic germanium is happening. In Japan, there has been intensive research on organic germanium, but also in Germany, was doing research on the element, which is named after German explorer Clemens Winkler. Knowledge of the beneficial effects of organic germanium did not prevail. Is it because the big pharmaceutical companies are not interested in an inexpensive medium that have substantially strengthens the immune system, which is organic germanium, and organic germanium, organic germanium, where do I start? Germanium House Sanum / Sanumgermanium is Germany and is used only for export. GE 132 (Genesis 32), an organic germanium in the U.S. are much more concentrated, but is only available in the U.S..

The immune system and organic germanium in molecular immunology research revealed that many intensive organic germanium strengthens the immune system of humans and animals. It is believed that the anti-tumor effect of organic germanium to a change of different components of the immune system can be reduced by interferon stimulates production of the body. The following is a list of known effects that organic germanium has on the immune system. Induction of interferon production in the U. S. Patent No. 4473581, entitled "Organo Germanium induction of interferon," in 1984, the immunizing properties of Ge-132 described in detail, especially in terms of formation of interferon Shows. .., Which stimulates the Ge-132 in mice and humans, the production of interferon by chemical analysis, it was found that these activities of interferon gamma (type II) is 25 hours after being administered to mice infected with Ge- 132, was - depending on the virus type and dosage of Ge-132 -. found a suppression of virus replication Ge-132 stimulated in mice and human cells for the activation of macrophages, interferon induced by organic germanium produced in conjunction with activated macrophages, an anti-tumor. effect.

Pure organic Germanium Ge-132 is an exclusive agent organogermanium Carboxyethyl BIS-germanium sesquioxides, sometimes simply called germanium sesquioxides. Unique molecular features that make it virtually inert in the body, and its size and unique structure permit it to be very willing to put out the urine as the intact molecule. Eventually, the body may use germanium as a cellular oxygenator. NutriCology introduced pure organic germanium into the United States in 1986 recognized the importance of providing pure and tested Ge-132. For quality and purity of our products guarantee germanium, which carefully analyze each batch. Test methods include identification by infrared spectroscopy, purity by acid group titration, absence of inorganic germanium impurities by color test and a solubility limit Hypoallergenic

Germanium and Cancer

Germanium can sometimes melts Cancer

Germanium becomes painless

Germanium can prevent metastasis (Dr. Haruo Sato - University Tohuku) if not prevent

Available statistics for lung cancer (21 cases) - 500mg

Dr. Asai still have cancer of the larynx was removed conventional surgery (the tumor), but he fought against radiation, and totally familiar "to be" beaten and germanium, as customers, success of the cancer.

Leukemia - 500mg

AIDS - HIV: Germanium (Organic) can help (2 items, like a double-blind study)

Cancer: Germanium (Ge-132) can prevent tumor growth (2 studies)

chronic fatigue syndrome: Germanium can help (2 studies)

Immune depression, low immunity: Germanium can help (2 studies)

Osteoporosis: Germanium can help (an experimental study)

Pain: Germanium can help by encouraging the analgesia of morphine (a study with animal experiments)

Germanium discovered by mining engineer was in Japanese Kazuhiko Asai both coal and native medicinal plants. This strange germanium introduced in orthomolecular medicine, with a self-experiment.

Dr. Asai was bad in the sixties from severe arthritis of rheumatoid arthritis as well. Medicines and acupuncture did not improve their lives. Intuitively, patients treated with its own development of the organic germanium compound 132, a Carboxyethylsesquoxid called. 10 days his condition remained unchanged bad, then he improved quickly, the pain is gone, and the joints are more moves.

Germanium and the immune system

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Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Tablets
Servings per Container: 50

Bis-Carboxyethyl Germanium Sesquioxide     200 mg

Other Ingredients: Mannitol, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, acaia gum, calcium carbonate, cellulose, silica.



Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, 1 or 2 tablets one to four times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Not recommended to be taken in the evening


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